I’d Live Here

Pilgrim StateHallsoutside archfillsupwardestablishing shot

Wandered around this awesome place last week. I’m not sure if it is within the Kings Park Psychiatric Center or part of Pilgrim State Psych ward or not. The former has up to something like 121 buildings though not all are abandoned. It is on Long Island, and is notable for its architecture and is said to be haunted. I had a wonderfully chilling time creeping out there.


Pilgrim State

We sat at cluttered tables

talking about the friends we lost,

we explored the decrepit halls

of abandoned buildings,

and it dawned on us that we were the ghosts.


It is so natural to feel useless,

a ball on the floor of an empty room.

We know for certain this world is broken.

Read the message etched into the wall,

“Forget me. I will do you no good.”


A door slams in the distance,

to remind you that you are not welcome.

What happened to everyone?

Cynicism is the consequence

of life deemed unfulfilling.

We walk towards the holes

we bore in the earth,

and times passes swiftly

with no regard for us at all.