1986 Camaro

I was asleep in a cold room.

She turns on the air conditioner

in the middle of the night

and hogs the blankets.

I dreamt of a unfamiliar house

pushed back onto a steep hill.

and then I got to see you.

We hugged and talked

only I cant recall about what.

You’ve been gone a while

and I had so much to tell you.

I started to remember

there was a old stereo

and while we spoke I recorded songs

onto a cassette by pressing both of the buttons,

just like the ones that littered the floorboard

of the Camaro when we were mere children.

Did we talk about old hardcore bands?

or what all are friends are doing?

Most of us are married with children.

Scientists may have proof of an afterlife.

maybe the proof is there in my dream.

my alarm clock pulls me out of one world

and into another, but which is more real?

I cherish your visits, and I want you to know

I have love beside me, and I wish you knew her.

I’ve told her all about you.

I tell everyone about you.