Headbanger’s Ball

     Hey! Our first music video is finalized and up for viewing. Our band, Vincent Price is Right recorded an Ep, a little while ago and we’ve been eager to make something for it. The Ep is entitled Hessian, and is available on iTunes, Amazon and other outlets as well. Rip it and share it.

I have always loved the myth of Faust, though I have yet to read Geothe. Which is regarded as the quintessence of all versions.  The idea of selling your soul to the devil for wealth, power, knowledge or the hand of a woman is awesomely tempting. The silent film which we ripped off is brilliant as well if you get the chance, youtube or Netflix it.

We filmed it in December with Yvedy and Ricardo Sosa.  We were the first band of any genre to work with these talented dudes who have done a ton of work with upcoming Hip Hop artists. It was brick outside in the junkyards across from Shea Stadium. Fuck Citifield, it will always be Shea. We are all Queens natives and Mets fans, so it seemed cool since it is a run down, grimy place. Bums were watching us with furrowed brows. One guy sang Guns N’ Roses to us, “Welcome to the Jungle” and I’m fairly certain that it was the only english he spoke. It was a great time despite the frost. Also, on a side note, the city won their pending case for imminent domain, so in the future where we filmed will be hotels and restaurants not a haven for criminal activity. If you’ve ever had your car stolen in NYC, there is a good chance it got chopped up here.

Enjoy on behalf of myself and VPIR! If you like it please share and any and all social media outlets. Help us get the word out! Thank you! talk soon!  – Seano